Dec. 14, 2011

VMEU gives quality service, lower rates

This letter is in response to the Dec. 13 article in the Daily Journal written by Dennis Cauchon of USA Today titled “Households zapped with high electric bills.”

In today’s economy everything seems to be going up. We are paying more for goods and services, including gasoline, food and other necessities. In Vineland, in stark contrast to the nationwide trend, electric rates have been going down.

Since January 2009, electric rates in Vineland have decreased almost 9 percent and are currently among the lowest in New Jersey. As a matter of fact, the Consolidated Edison rate of 26 cents/kilowatt hour mentioned in the article are almost 80 percent higher than the current Vineland Municipal Electric Utility rate for the average customer.

The electric utility, working closely with myself and City Council, has been able to lower rates while at the same time maintain its excellent standard of reliability. In addition, during this time, the utility has moved away from coal and oil burning, built a new, efficient natural gas generator and entered into contracts for enough low-priced solar power to put Vineland on the map as a national leader in the use of solar power on a per customer basis.

As the economy improves over the next few years, reliable, low-cost utility services will differentiate Vineland from many other New Jersey communities and attract businesses and the related jobs to our city.

Robert Romano